Foster Falls- South Cumberland State Park {Tennessee}

It feels so good to be back to hiking! Even though my hiking muscles are still trying to get back in shape, being in the mountains on the trails is just wonderful.

Our trail this weekend was to Foster Falls in the South Cumberland State Park. The thing to know about this state park is that it is made up of 3 different areas that are not right by each other. So we went to the area of the park that is referred to as the Firey Gizzard so that we could do the trail to Foster Falls.

It was incredible with the rocky terrain, the swinging bridge, and then the waterfall at the end. This makes for a perfect outing and it is easy to see why it is such a popular part of the state park.

Foster Falls

{Know if you go:: This trail is listed as easy but I would say it’s more of a moderate hike because while the distance is not very far, the incline is a little steep and rocky. They have placed a number of wood boards to create steps down the incline, but it is still surrounded by rocks and takes some maneuvering. Swimming is allowed in the pool at the base of the waterfall but they ask that there are no pool inflatables or noodles or anything like that.}

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