Lassen Volcanic National Park {California}

For a little while there, social media was flooded with everyone posting the first picture with their significant other. Although it’s a little late, I thought I would share me and Brad’s first photo together taken at Lassen Volcanic National Park. On a spontaneous weekend trip we found ourselves in California checking out the national park. Brad was still recovering from a skiing accident so our hiking was limited. But we were amazed at the raw beauty of this park. I think Lassen Volcanic is one of the lesser known of the national parks but it is incredible! Everywhere you look there are lava rocks dotting the ground from the last eruption and sulfur smelling pots of hydrothermal activity, all within the beautiful pine trees of the mountains. While this park may be a little bit out of the way to get to, it is absolutely worth the trip! I can’t wait to go back and hike one of the many trails!

For more information and trail guides to Lassen Volcanic National Park, go to::

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