Narrows of the Harpeth- Harpeth River State Park {Tennessee}

Long weekends are the best! Especially when you have family in town and you take them to see a new state park. We made our way to Harpeth River State Park for a day of easy hiking and beautiful views. This state park is a large, linear state park that is actually made up of about 9 different sections each with their own access point to the river. This is a popular place for kayaks and tube riders because of the gentle flow of the river.

We have been really interested in checking out the area known as the Narrows of the Harpeth, and we were not disappointed because this was so beautiful. The trail of the narrows is an easy hike, only about a mile in and out, but offers a wonderful perspective as you walk between a rock cliff and the river. At the end of the trail is the small tunnel waterfall coming out of the rock. This is a perfect place to enjoy the water without the traffic of the river.

After hiking down the narrows we decided to take the bluff overlook trail to get an even better view of the river and the surrounding area. This trail starts at the same point as the narrows, just making its way up the side of the hill instead of down to the waterfall. While not a long trail, maybe a mile there and back, it is more of a steep climb than the other. But the view from the top is absolutely incredible! It was only me, my uncle, and my dog that made it all the way to the top but I was so glad to be part of the view from the top.

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