Radnor Lake State Park {Tennessee}

We had all kinds of plans of things we wanted to do this weekend, but then they didn’t work out because of the weather. But we did find our way to Radnor Lake, just outside of Nashville, and enjoyed a lovely rainy afternoon walking the trails of the park. We made our way around the lake following the easy trail through the trees. The rain on the water, the smell of the trees, and the small pops of color in the leaves made for such a wonderful time. This state park is made for leisurely walks, finding your balance, and introspection…especially in the rain.

{Know if you go:: This is one of the few state parks that does not allow dogs. Because it is a habitat and wildlife preservation area they do not want anything that could disrupt that. We were also surprised to see that they do not allow trail running or jogging on the trail either.}

For more on this beautiful park, go to:: https://tnstateparks.com/parks/radnor-lake

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