Lucky Ladd Farms {Tennessee}

This weekend we made our way to Lucky Ladd Farms for some fall festivities. This is one of our favorite seasonal activities and we were so excited to be in farming area where we could really enjoy it.

We started off our time with a trip through the corn maze, winding our way here and there until we made it out of the other side. Then we stopped to get some frozen cider and pumpkin spice doughnuts which were amazing! They made for a perfect treat as we walked through the petting zoo area (although we had to make sure that we weren’t close enough to the goats for them to snag a bite). They had hundreds of animals–sheep, goats, cows, pigs, even a few llamas– there to pet, to feed, and to enjoy. I have not so much a fear, but more of an aversion to goats from getting butted in the stomach by one when I was a kid. So I may have panicked a little bit to see my daughter not only pet the goats but also get to go inside a pen and get up close and personal to them. But she loved it, she even threw her arms around one small goat to give it a hug. And she wanted to pet every single one and make sure they all got attention. It was really sweet to watch her tender care over all the animals they had there.

After the petting zoo, we made our way over to one of the most glorious playground areas that I’ve ever seen. They had something for everyone, no matter their age or interest. We loved getting to teach Tessa the finer points of tire swings and imitation bull riding. But the best part was the barn with all the slides. Oh, the slides…they were so fun! We honestly did every slide multiple times before we finally decided to move on to the other areas of the farm.

They also host a lovely wilderness trail, pony rides, splash pad, tricycles races, and pony rides- just to name a few. We missed seeing their giant sunflower garden or picking our own strawberries, but we will definitely come next summer to check those out. Our last part of the day was picking our a few pumpkins to take home. The fact that I only took home a few pumpkins instead of the 50 or so that I wanted is really quite an impressive show of will power. We had such a great day at the farm and we will definitely be back to check out what other seasons bring to this wonderful place.

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