Nashville Zoo & Grassmere Historic Home {Tennessee}

We spent a rainy day enjoying the beautiful animals at the Nashville Zoo. We always love going to the zoo on days like this because there are fewer people and the animals are generally more active than other times. As of right now, you must have a timed entry ticket and anyone 13 and over must be wearing a mask.

We started out the day taking a walk up around the Grassmere Historic Home that sits on the zoo property. This beautiful home was originally built in 1810. Walking around the house and the adjoinging farm was a lovely peek into the past and the families that lived here.

This zoo has a kangaroo section where you can walk into their enclosure and see them up close and personal. If the kangaroo comes up to you, then you can pet it on its back, otherwise you need to stay on the path and enjoy them from where you are. When we were there all the kangaroos were seeking sanctuary from the rain as they laid down for an afternoon rest. But because they are quite a nervous bunch, with a loud sound outside the zoo, all of them were up in a series of thumps with ears perked listening.

After that we made our way around the Savannah Loop. We always love the giraffes and we were so excited to see them so close. And the beautiful tiger and red panda are always favorite stops as well. Walking through the luscious bamboo grove in the Asia section makes for a peaceful escape. And of course, no trip to the Nashville Zoo would be complete without taking a walk along the long rope bridge.

There are a number of sections of the zoo that are closed for the time being. But we always love coming and will look forward to the next time when we come when more is open to explore.

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