Birthplace of Country Music Museum {Virginia}

You absolutely cannot go to Bristol without checking out the Birthplace of Country Music Museum. This museum is a gem and well worth the time to explore. This museum is dedicated to the 10 day recording sessions where music artists from across the country and across all the genres of the time came together to record their music onto records. These sessions would forever change the music industry and was the start of many notable music careers. I would suggest to start with the orientation video because it will give you a really good idea of what the Bristol Sessions really meant for the world. And it is narrated with the voice of John Carter Cash (son of Johnny Cash and June Carter) whose maternal grandmother was one of those that really made a name for herself and her family by being part of the Bristol Sessions. This museum takes visitors from the very beginning with the bluegrass, gospel, blues, folk, and hillbilly music and takes you all the up to modern country and the impact that those first artists had on those today. You can see the instruments people played and the then new technology that allowed artists to record their music to share with the world. The museum is wonderful and will surely have you tapping your feet along with the moving music of the late 1920s.

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