Ice Castles {Utah}

One of the greatest winter attractions that Utah has to offer is the Midway Ice Castles. These are elaborately created fortresses and play areas made of ice.

Walking through one of the many ice slot canyons, or taking a chilly ride down an ice slide. or walking across the top of the ice walls is an incredible experience! Every time I have been I have just been so overwhelmed with the artistry of it all.

If you go during the night, then the ice walls are covered in colorful lights adding to the magic of it all. Coming here will make you understand why both Superman and Elsa thought a palace of ice was a great idea.

These Ice Castles can be found in Midway which is just a short drive south of Park City. And if you happen to go during the Sundance Film Festival that is held in Park City every year, you may just run into a celebrity or two as they are enjoying the winter pleasures of the area as well.

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