Travis Hollow Bridge Trail- Tims Ford State Park {Tennessee}

There is nothing better than an evening walk in the spring of Tennessee, especially if it is at one of the state’s beautiful state parks. For this evening’s walk, we made our way south to Tims Ford State Park. We love this park because of all the trails that weave around the many hands and fingers of the lake. We decided to take the Travis Hollow Bridge Trail and it was so lovely. The trail begins at the visitor center and takes you to one of the smaller fingers of the lake. This trail is paved with a gentle slope so it a great place to ride bikes as well as walk, and it is a trail that would be accessible to anyone. The bridge itself stretches over a small corner of the lake so you are surrounded by the peaceful beauty of the lake and the trees. It made for an absolutely perfect place to walk and to reset. I think it is safe to say that Tims Ford is probably our favorite state park that we have discovered and we look forward to enjoying all the many trails they have there.

For more on Tims Ford State Park, go to ::


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