Lost Creek Trail- Tims Ford State Park {Tennessee}

I made it home from Israel and have been getting back into the regular flow of things at home. And nothing helps fight jet lag better than some fresh air and sunshine, so we made our way to our favorite state park to explore another wonderful trail. We decided to take the Lost Creek Trail that starts right outside of the visitor center and were rewarded with a lovely walk that winded its way along the water and up and around the rolling ridges of the park. The trail we found had a number of bridges to cross, a few of them long swaying suspension bridges and a few small wooden planked bridges. Tessa and Scout kept vying to be the leader and both of them would gently push the other to the side so they could take the lead. The trail was about a mile and a half and led us to the incredible overlook of the lake. The overlook gives a small glimpse of the massive size of this park and we happily sat on the bench just enjoying the view. We took the paved path that leads from the overlook back to the visitor center because as much as we loved the trail, none of us were really up for going back that way. Ah, it feels good to be home with my family once again.

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    • It is really green here right now as we soak up these last few weeks of summer. Now that I’m home we’re excitedly planning a trip as a family to Germany this winter to go and enjoy the Christmas markets. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Marion 🙂

    • We were just keeping a mental note of the places we had visited. But then we got our state park passport book so we’ve started writing down the specific hiking trails and storybook trails that we take at the parks. It’s been a really fun to get our stamps and to write about the trails in our state park book.

        • Of the 54 state parks, we’ve now visited 22 of them 😀 I’m still amazed sometimes at all the green, all the trees, and all the wildflowers here. It wasn’t until I left Utah that I realized how limited of an idea I had about what green was.

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