Antiquing in Bell Buckle {Tennessee}

Originally the plan was for us to drive to Missouri to have a day at Silver Dollar City with my in-laws, but instead they decided to come here so they could help us work on our garden. Having them here meant Brad and I could go on a date and there is no better place to do that then walking through the small town of Bell Buckle. Just the name of this town is cute. Bell Buckle is known for it’s antique shops and they make up the majority of the business in the main area of town.

Now it should be said that different people have very different ideas about what classifies as an ‘antique’ and the shops reflect that difference. The first shop we went to was more of boutique shop full of locally made crafts and goods that was connected to the local coffee shop in the back. The coffee shop was so warm and welcoming, full of plush couches and bookcases and an owner that talked to everyone like old friends.

The next shop we went into was packed full of interesting and beautiful things from bygone times. It was surprisingly wonderful to walk through this shop, finding little nooks and crannies full of beautiful treasures. The owner here talked to us like old friends too, and telling us to be sure to try out the Café and then to go over to the ice cream shop where his 85 year old mother makes the best fried pies.

With such a recommendation, we made our way to the café for lunch. We put our name on the list and then found a rocking chair outside to wait for our name to be called. This café is not much to look at from the outside, but the food is fantastic-a down home, Mama’s cookin’ kind of place where sweet iced tea and cornbread are the standard. Then we made our way over to the ice cream shop for a fried pie. I had not idea what a fried pie was (turns out it is essentially a fruit cobbler in a warm pastry envelope that is cooked and then sprinkled with sugar) but it could be a new favorite dessert now.

Bell Buckle is the classic Southern small town, gushing with charm and friendliness, and one that shows the best of what it is to be in Tennessee. Such a lovely drive through the rolling hills and a walk along the shops of town with a fried pie in hand, made for a perfect day.

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  1. Ah I love Tennessee! I once spent a month or so exploring Nashville, Memphis, Clarksville, Lynchburg County and Chattanooga. But I didn’t make it to Bell Buckle, so really enjoyed this piece. I just love the whole ramshackle feel of the place. Would definitely like to set up in The Bell Buckle Cafe for an afternoon of writing. And order a bunch of dishes.

    • How nice that you got to enjoy Tennessee for a month. Nashville is always fun and Lynchburg is definitely a favorite. An afternoon of writing in the cafe would be really fun, although you may not get a whole lot done with everyone wanting to chat with you. But it would make for a grand time regardless 🙂

  2. Bell Buckle seems to be quite an appealing place. Must be one of the most satisfying lunch dates! The coffee starter at a local coffee shop, the ambience and the company of books… sounds great to spend an entire evening! I would love to see how a fried pie looks like thought. Thanks for this surprising delight of Tennessee.

    • It is definitely a surprising delight of a small town and a great place to spend a few hours. Thank you for your interest in reading my post on Bell Buckle. I hope you have a great day 🙂

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