Montaña de Oro State Park {California}

The next day of our California weekend was dedicated to a couple of state parks. We made our way to Montaña de Oro State Park to a small area called Spooner’s Cove. This was a great place to meet up with some friends and let the little ones play in the water. A small pool a little ways off from the waves made the perfect place for splashing in the water and trying out the body boards. Then everyone pitched in to create a water way in between the pool and the rest of the water and sent our boats down our newly made river, watching as they hugged the rocks before hitting the water. We wandered up and around the rocks looking out towards the Pacific. Tessa just wanted to stand in the water and let the waves crash into her over and over again. We went for a slippery walk along the rocks that form a sort of barrier between land and sea. And then a few more waves hitting our feet before it was time to go.

We ended up coming back to this state park the next day. This time we went a little further down the coast to make our way down a small path towards the tide pools. We came in the morning so that the tide would be out and we could venture out onto the rocks as we looked for any sea creatures that we might find. Sometimes you can spot a star fish or an octopus out here. We didn’t see either of those but we did see a lot of groups of clams on the rocks and a lot of crabs and some sea anemone. We combed the beach looking for seashells and to see if we could find a sand dollar which apparently have also appeared along here. This is such an incredible state park and I’m so glad that we got to enjoy the giant crashing waves but also the small creatures that call it home.

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  1. Just beautiful! And those moody skies… California has long been on our bucket list, though I had never heard of this national park. Thanks for putting it on my radar.

    • I am such a lover of rocky coasts and this park definitely was a new favorite. California is really such a dynamic state with no end of places to go. I really enjoyed exploring the central coast- it had the best of everything but without the crowds the bigger cities.

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