Sea Otters At Morro Bay State Park {California}

After playing in the waves at the first state park, we then made our way up to the next state park- Morro Bay State Park. This park is known for the large domed rock right next to the bay. We drove all the way up the hill to see the bay from the top of the park and then drove back down to get a up close view. We were rewarded by seeing a large group of sea otters out in the water, close to the walkway by the bay. In the pictures it looks like a bunch of logs, but those are actually sea otters just hanging out floating on their backs in the water. Some of them would wrestle each other in the water, one had a baby otter laying atop the mother’s stomach as she floated along. This bay is also home to the marina where people park their boats, but because the otters are protected in this park all the boats are mandated to go very slow and constantly be on the lookout for these otters. The state park is lovely, but the real joy of it came from the otters that call this bay home.

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  1. Wonderfully weird landscape with that single domed rock just jutting out of nowhere. Otters were certainly an added bonus. It’s exciting to come across wild animals in their natural habitats.

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