Moonstone Beach {California}

After the state parks we kept moving our way down the coast until we came to Moonstone Beach which is aptly named in that this is the best place to find moonstones along the beach. You can easily find hundreds of small beautiful moonstones in the sand on this beach. Moonstones are opalescent gems that are believed to help us find balance in the natural rhythm of life. This beach is not a busy, touristy beach so it made for a perfect place to walk along the water, get our feet wet in the waves, and dig around in the sand for moonstones.

moonstones (photo ::

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  1. It looks lovely and, as you say, has a genuine feel without the crowds. Thanks for the moonstone explanation, not sure I’d have known what they were just by name.

    • I had to look up what a moonstone was as we drove to the beach because I had never heard of them. But once I knew what they were, it was fun to be able to find so many of them in the sand.

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