Overlook Trail- Cloudland Canyon State Park {Georgia}

After spending the morning at Rock City Garden, we decided to end our visit to the Lookout Mountain area with a visit to Cloudland Canyon State Park. This is a state park that I have wanted to visit for almost a year and I seem to constantly offer it as a suggestion for our weekend wanderings. So I was thrilled to finally get to go there.

Cloudland Canyon

We got to the park late in the afternoon and from the visitor center went up the road to the central area of the park. Because we didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy the park we settled for the short trail that would take us to the overlook.

view of the waterfall from the overlook

This easy trail follows along the rim of the canyon for about a mile. From here you can see waterfalls cutting their way through the lush canopy surrounding it. The beautiful rolling hills stretch out before you inviting visitors to come and explore the many trails that are there to enjoy.

I must admit, I felt slight disappointment that the canyon had not yet reached that wash of fall color. With such an incredible view, I can only imagine how stunning it will be when the leaves have all changed colors. I was just itching to venture down into the canyon and take some of the bigger trails and really see more of this park.

Even though our visit was so short, there is no question why this is one of Georgia’s favorite state parks. This park is right by Lookout Mountain and so gets overlooked with the more touristy things to do there. But this corner of the area is so lovely and is a perfect way to slow down and take it the beauty of the park.

Has fall come to where you are or are you patiently waiting for the colors to pop? Thanks for joining me today for a walk through the park.

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  1. Hey Meg, another really lovely park. And one that I hadn’t known about, despite it being so close to Lookout Mountain. I know what you mean about the colours, nothing beats those fall combinations of brown, red and orange, right? Love the shots of the waterfall from a distance. By the way, I was able to read this article through your main site. But when you click on the ‘read more’ link in WordPress it says “oops, page can’t be found”.

    • That’s weird…I’ll have to look at and see if I can get it figured out. Thanks for letting me know! Nothing beats those beautiful fall colors. I think this next week they will really start popping out around here which makes me very happy! I hope you have a great weekend 🙂

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