Stoney Paths of Rock City Gardens {Georgia}

Spring has sprung which means you can usually find us out walking somewhere finding blue skies and fresh air. And with the flowers starting to pop out of the ground, we decided that the best place to enjoy all of this springtime happiness was at Rock City Gardens. We have been to Rock City a few different times through different seasons and it is one of those places that we love exploring there time and time again.

We entered the gardens and began the walk along the rocky path. We really love all the stone bridges and walkways everywhere. And though we may have to suck in a bit while we go through the slot canyons, they are probably our favorite part of the walk.

The path takes you through some lovely archways where you feel like you have stepped into a kind of fairytale. When we came last summer, there were actually fairies playing and tending their gardens outside their huts. They would wave to passersby and all the kids thought it was the greatest moment. We were disappointed not to see any fairies on this trip though. But a walk across the swing-a-long bridge with the views of the valley below is always a favorite.

The bright red tulips had popped out giving the view of Lover’s Leap a wonderful feel of spring. Everything had that light fresh green coming out from the months of gray winter and it just made the day all the better.

At the top of Rock City Gardens is a point where you can look out and see 7 different states. There is no definitive way to know where one state begins and one state ends, but the idea that you are looking out over so many states at one time is really incredible.

There were seven different flag poles there, each one waving one of the states that can be seen from this point. The poles had information about each state listed such as the state flower, state tagline, and date it became a state.

We had lunch in the little cafe there at the top. We sat by the newly bloomed pink flowers and sprouting buds while we listened to a harpist play music from ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

After lunch it was back to the path as we made our way down through another slot canyon and under beautiful archways. The artistry of these gardens are really detailed and it seems that everyone is left in amazement at the experience that was created here.

One of our favorite parts of the path is the rainbow tunnel where colored light bounce off the stone walls. It is the perfect lead towards the final area of the park which takes you underground into the Fairyland Caverns where you can see gnomes at play at scenes from favorite fairy tales come to life.

rainbow tunnel

What a wonderful day enjoying the new blooms along the rock paths and the fanciful fairy tales brought to life. These gardens are great to explore at any season and they make for such a fun day out.

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Thanks for coming along on this fanciful walk through the rocks at Rock City Gardens!

12 thoughts on “Stoney Paths of Rock City Gardens {Georgia}

    1. Here’s hoping for warmer weather, blue skies, and fresh air to get outside with! The path is a really fun place to take a walk. No matter how many times we visit we always love it. Thanks for reading! 🙂

    1. Oh that is good to know. We haven’t made it to Ruby Falls yet, we keep going back and forth about whether we want to. I think there is another underground waterfall a little east of us so we might venture there instead. I hope you have a great week 🙂

  1. It’s always great to experience places like this in different seasons. Little can compare, I think, to the excitement and promise of spring. That everything is finally waking up and that an extended period of fine weather is almost upon us. I’m particularly glad you chose Rock City and its surrounds as it reminds me of my own trip again. Happy spring! It looks like Tessa had a blast.

    1. Agreed, nothing quite like the newness of spring to make you want to get outside. I’m sure you’re looking forward to good weather for all your adventures around too. I hope you have a great week 🙂

    1. Here’s hoping that warmer weather finds its way north soon. It can’t quite decide if it is spring or not here- one day is freezing and the next day is bordering on being hot. I wish it would just make up its mind.

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