Rock City Gardens {Georgia}

Lookout Mountain is a beautiful area that sits on the border of Tennessee and Georgia. This mountain is home to many attractions that draws people everyday from all over, but for this last weekend we decided to explore the Rock City Gardens and we were surprised to discover what an incredible place this is. On entering the garden we made our way down through the rocks, along a gentle path and then through some slot canyons where we had to turn sideways to get through.

When we emerged from the rocks, we found ourselves in a faery land where winged faeries waved happily from their homes. Tessa of course thought this was the greatest thing to happen to her. We continued on the path, over stone bridges and through stone archways and little rock nooks, marveling at the intricate detail of this garden.

We made our way along the swinging bridge towards the peak of the garden which is called Lovers Leap (side note- but why must so many peaks be named in such a morbid fashion? Not really romantic) From this vantage point you can see 7 states off in the distance. Their sign with the distances towards each state is the iconic point of these gardens. While it is impossible to differentiate where the states actually are in that long view beyond, the idea that you are so close to so many places is exciting.

We ate at the small café at the top of the peak and then continued down the path of rocks and wonders. {Know if you go: If you are unable to go down through the rocks, there is a path that will lead directly to the overlook. There are also little bybass places if you wish to skip one part or another. Also, this garden is dog friendly as long as they are on a leash.}

The final stop was a walk through the Fairyland Caverns where bright, colorful lights have been added to the rock face to create a magical feeling. Every little rock nook is home to a fairy tale depiction and you pass by the happy gnomes of the garden and see them at play.

When we first saw gardens we figured we were in for a walk through the flowers, but this garden is so much more than that. It really is a rocky wonderland of exploration and we have never been so happy to find it wasn’t what we expected. This is going to be one of those places that we will want to take everyone who comes to see us.

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  1. I’d heard of Lookout Mountain and Rock City Gardens, but it was nice to have a more in-depth look at what’s on offer. Lovely views, great exercise and some fun for the kids. Liked the narrow cave walkways too, a few years ago I would’ve glided through those. Now, not so much ha ha.

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