Pura Vida in Monteverde {Costa Rica}

We landed in Liberia ready to start off a week with my family in the beautiful Costa Rica. When we walked out of the small airport, we found the person holding the sign for the Adobe rental car service and he drove us down the street to pick up our car.

The person at the rental car said that we would need to leave before noon if we wanted to make it to the Monteverde area, otherwise we should wait for the following morning. We didn’t understand why there would be such a time frame needed, but it was morning and so we took off down the road.

A couple of hours later we had reached the rising hills of Monteverde and began to make the climb up the mountain. We passed small towns along the way with the houses right up next to the street. It is always so interesting to see a daily life so different from your own.

We began the ascent up the mountain along twisty turns on narrow roads. Parts of the road were rocky with big potholes everywhere that required some tricky maneuvering. But at the same time we were blown away by the incredible views of the mountains and valleys and their canopies of green everywhere.

We would be staying in the town of Monteverde that was a good central point to all the places we would be visiting in the next few days. We dropped off our luggage where we would be staying and set out to explore the town a little bit. Everywhere we went, people said ‘Pura Vida’ to us (said poo-rah vee-dah). We learned that ‘Pura Vida’ is essentially the catch all phrase for every good thing and people use it all the time.

Monteverde is a town that makes everyone feel welcome. The people are lovely and warm, there are great restaurants everywhere, and a unique artist feel on all the buildings and streets- it is easy to feel immediately at home here.

In the middle of the town is the Saint Helen’s church. The building is simple in design but lovingly cared for by all the locals and is the heart of the city.

Of all the great places to eat, the most popular is the Treehouse Restaurant where a massive tree grows up in the middle of the confines of the building. We loved seeing the winding staircase go up through the branches of the tree.

It was in the afternoon when we noticed the fast moving clouds coming into town. One of the locals told us that it rains everyday down near the beach and the clouds from that come up here and will fill the town in a short amount of time. That would explain why we were told to leave in the morning so we wouldn’t have to drive up those narrow roads without being able to see through the clouds.

Within an hour, the entire town was covered and we couldn’t see anything beyond the balcony of our room. Afternoons apparently would not see us getting out much but instead enjoying the cool mountain air with a drink on the deck.

Pura Vida means pure life and is used for all expressions or greetings that is positive. Even with the afternoon clouds, you can’t help but get into that mindset as you meet the people of this area and see the incredible views of the mountains. We are ready to explore more and really get into the pure life that makes this country so wonderful.

If you have enjoyed this first day in Costa Rica, be on the lookout for more adventures to come:

Monteverde Cloud Forest

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve

Coffee, Chocolate, and Sugar plantations

The Children’s Eternal Rainforest

Ponderosa Park & Playa Hermosa

Thanks for coming along through the small mountain town of Monteverde. May you always be filled with the Pura Vida spirit.

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  1. Oh this is going to be so interesting to follow you through the parts of that wonderful country which we travelled through a couple of years ago. It’s fabulous! We got unbelievably lucky in Monteverde/Sant Elena and had bright sunshine all day every day…which doesn’t happen too often. Excited to follow your trip. Pura Vida!

    • I must admit, I went back to reread your posts from this area to get ready. How lucky to have sunshine all day while you were here. Although I do love watching those clouds roll in everyday while we pull out card games and cups of coffee/tea. Pura Vida! 🙂

  2. Your first day was filled with so many amazing experiences! The huge change in the weather must have been really wild. The shades of greens in the mountains are so varied and intense; Mother Nature’s finest! And the treehouse restaurant looks like a very entertaining experience, for adults and kids. I can’t wait to hear more of your Costa Rican adventures. Pura Vida Meg!

    • Thank you! Its incredible to see so many layers of green everywhere. At first we were a little discouraged about the daily change in weather, but we are finding that we love going adventuring in the morning and then pulling out card games while we watch the clouds roll in. We decided we cant leave without dinner one night at the Treehouse. Pura Vida to you too 🙂

  3. Great photos of the spectacular views around Monteverde! I was interested to read and compare with our visit. The town you call Monteverde looks very like where we stayed but that was called Sant Elena. Are there two names for the same place or are they really that alike?!

    • I think it might be Sant Elena that we are staying in, but everyone has also called it Monteverde so I think it goes by both. No matter what its called it sure is incredible here! I just love the views, the rolling clouds, and especially the people 🙂

  4. The views of the lush landscape along the drive are beautiful. Monteverde looks and sounds so inviting. I don’t know if I could handle rain everyday though! But at least it’s typically in the afternoon so you can plan around it.

  5. I feel there are some really special experiences coming your way Meg, in addition to this already brilliant opening episode. The town’s vibe jumps off the page straight away, particularly with that photo of the low-hanging clouds. Magical. What atmospheric balcony views this will make for with a drink. The Treehouse Restaurant looks very cool, how was the food? Pura vida!

    • Oh it was cool to watch those.clouds roll in with a drink every day. We have definitely had some amazing moments and experiences here. We got to walk up through the tree at restaurant but didnt get to eat there. We ate at places all over town and they were all great. But the treehouse never seemed to be open when we tried to eat there. Oh well, it just means we will have to come back again. Pura Vida!

  6. Wohoooo you made itttt 🙂 We found the same in the cloud forest, it was forever…well…cloudy!! Like you we got up early and then just enjoyed our afternoons on our deck. Pura Vida!

    • Finally we made it-And it has been amazing!!! We have loved going and doing things in the morning and then watching the clouds roll in with drinks and card games in the afternoon.Pura Vida 🙂

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