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Instead of sharing a place or experience, I thought I should introduce you to one of my travel companions who has been with me on many adventures over the years. If you have been following me for a while you have probably seen pictures here and there of my dog Scout.

Scout was only 6 weeks old when he joined the family. He was so little and round with what seemed like armfuls of loose skin that he would grow into. He loved to snuggle up next to me and he soon found his favorite place to sleep was behind my knees.

He wouldn’t stay little for long. Within a few months he would grow to his full size. By this time Scout and had discovered that we loved to take long walks, long drives, and go hiking up on the trails together. The neighbors all loved his baying howl, except when it happened in the middle of the night when some critter or another wandered through the yard.

Just about every day you could find me and Scout up above the city on one of the trails. Most of the trails in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah didn’t have leash laws so I could let Scout just run and explore. He would run for miles but then always come back and check to make sure he knew where I was. It was amazing to watch this blur of white run up the mountain side like it was nothing and then a few minutes later come trotting down the trail looking for me.

A couple of years later when my daughter joined the family, people were a little worried about how Scout would take to having a baby around. But from day one they were the best of friends. If she would cry, Scout would bring his toys to her. She would drop snacks from her high chair to give to him and he would push dogfood out of his bowl to give to her. And they loved to snuggle with each other.

With Brad getting a job offer in Florida we packed up and moved across the country. Scout joined Brad and my dad for an awesome road trip from Utah to Florida. We lived on a barrier island right next to the ocean. Scout loved to drive around and smell things and to watch all the comings and going from our balcony. But now gone were the hikes up the mountain. In its place was the beach where Scout thought the waves were attacking him and so would try to bite them before running away from them.

A year and a half later we packed up the car again, this time heading to Tennessee. Scout has joined us in exploring the state parks and a lot of the surrounding states. He is definitely a southern dog as just about everyone we meet tells us how much they love his bay. We have met a lot of people who use to have dogs like this. In a random dog parade we joined down in Alabama last year, nearly everyone on the street was more interested to see the hound they could hear than all the other dogs.

Scout turns 9 this month and he is starting to show his age as more and more white comes in around his eyes and he has developed some fatty tumors here and there. And while he is still very lean and active and loves a good run when he gets the chance, he is slowing down a little bit and tends to sleep more and more. And there will come a day in the not so distant future when he will go and run that in place beyond and we will miss him on our adventures.

So for now, we take him with us everywhere we can and enjoy the way he cocks his ears and tilts his head trying to understand what you are saying, and the way he will snuggle you right off the couch, and the way his hound bay carries across miles letting everyone know he is there. We couldn’t have asked for a better or more faithful friend to join us on our weekend adventures.

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  1. Oh Meg, this brought tears to my eyes; Scout is such a love and a sweet boy. I just love hounds with their droopy eyes, and ear-splitting baying. I used to dog-sit my sister’s Beagle; he’d go crazy when he saw a squirrel or other critter in the yard, and everyone in the neighborhood knew it was him! Thanks for sharing Scout’s story with us; you’re lucky to have each other.

    • There is definitely no subtlety to hounds with the loud bay. People in our neighborhood and teachers at our daughters school know Scouts name but not ours. Everyone calls out to him to get him to respond. Hes been a good and faithful friend for all these years. 🙂

  2. Scout looks such a gorgeous companion Meg and a big part of family life. We got a n 8 week old Westie puppy when I was seven months pregnant with my first born. She was an integral part of our family for over 13 years and got on so well with our two boys. I love dogs but wouldn’t have another right now as I don’t think it’s fair on the pet as we are away so much but I wouldn’t rule it out one day! A great post Meg.

    • I agree, pets become such an important part of the family and watching the relationship between the pet and the kids is so tender. I love how Scout and Tessa have a relationship all their own. I can understand being hesitant to get another dog when youre traveling much of the time. I hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Oh Meg, I loved reading this. To see how Scout has been such an integral part of your recent history reminds me a little of my family dog Inde. She is long gone now but boy those memories stay with you forever. Love the shot of him through the grass gazing out over the landscape from the top of the hill. I have a very old post somewhere on LT that is in dire need of a re-write and spruced up photos of India. Your post has reminded me to do that at some point in the near future. Say hi to Scout for me.

    • I love the name Inde for a dog. Those memories really do stick forever. I hope especially with Tessa that she will always remember Scout and how much they loved each other. I’m sure if you were here Scout would greet you with his whole body wagging and then sit on you so you would have to snuggle with him. 🙂

  4. Scout is super adorable. It sounds like he’s a wonderful companion who has accompanied you on many adventures in life. I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of him over the years, especially with you and your family.

    • Thank you, he has been such a big part of the family. 🙂 I hope our daughter always remembers him and the special relationship that they had. They are very much like siblings sometimes.

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