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It is an odd moment as a parent when your kid realizes that you have parts of yourself outside of what they know about you. I’ve been blogging about our adventures for the last few years, but it was just the other day that my daughter realized this part of my life. I have shared posts of blogging friends with her before, but she never knew that I too had a blog. And when she saw a post about our dog her first question was ‘Where’s my post?!?!’ (in true sibling fashion to insist on the equality and fairness of each getting what the other has). So with that in mind, this is my first guest post- told by my daughter and typed and edited by me. A little girl’s big adventures.

Hello! My name is Tessa and I have been on a lot of adventures in my life. Mama has always had what she calls a restless soul and she has never been good at just sitting around. So I’ve been going along here and there with her and that restless soul of hers has taken me all over the place in my short life.

I was only 10 days old when Mama wrapped me up and we went hiking in the mountains of Utah. I would spend a lot of time in that pack on one trail or another. Mama says that people gave her a little grief over taking a baby hiking all the time but her thought was to expose me to as much of the world as possible to build up my immune system.

Also what started right away was road trips. We would drive to nearby states to see family and friends and we got to see a lot of places along the way. Even now, my family and I go on a lot of road trips and we have seen a lot of places. At 7 years old, I have now been to 24 of the 50 states!

My first ride on an airplane came a couple months later when we flew to Denver for a few days. This would be the first of many airplane trips. I love airplanes and flight attendants love me because I’ve never been fussy or loud when I travel. This may be because I’m still small enough to sleep comfortably on a plane.

But things really opened up when I got my first passport. Mama said that everyone should have a passport and she wasted no time in getting me mine. My first international experience came when I was 9 months old. Grandma, Mama, and I went to Prince Edward Island in Canada. I have no idea who Anne of Green Gables is, but that is who we went to see.

We moved to Florida for Daddy’s job and I became a Disneyworld expert. We spent almost every weekend at Disneyworld. Minnie Mouse is still one of my favorite people. We lived on the coast and I really loved going to the beach. Mama said that she was swimming in the Caribbean when I was in her tummy which might be why I love the beach and the water so much.

Then we moved to Tennessee where we have lived for the last few years. We go hiking as much as we can again at the state parks. We have also visited a lot of national and historic places. I got really into the Junior Ranger program through the National Park Service and have a great collection of badges from all the places we’ve seen. People wonder at my parents for taking me to some of the places, but Mama still has the idea to expose me to everything to build up my understanding.

My parents got my passport renewed which meant that it was time for some more international travel. We visited France, Belgium, and Costa Rica earlier this year and next we are going to Austria and Germany to see the Christmas markets. So by the end of this year I would have been to 6 other countries. That’s almost as many countries as years old I am.

I am lucky to have seen so many places in my life and to have parents who take me with them everywhere. For such a little girl, I have had a lot of great adventures!


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  1. Hi Tessa, it’s so nice to meet you!

    This is such an amazing post, and I very much enjoyed reading it. My eldest girl is seven too and we’ve travelled and hiked and surfed with her from when she was just a few days old, despite people giving me a hard time about it. But I firmly believe that your adventures don’t have to end now that you have children. The logistics may seem more complicated, but the trips are no less rewarding. When you travel with children, you expose them to new experiences, expand their comfort zones (and yours) and help them discover new interests or cement old ones.

    Also – for us, we travel with our kids to indulge in experiences which become lifetime memories. The memories they make now will stick with them throughout most of their lives. And as a parent, l want to be part of that. Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful day 🙂 Aiva xx

    • Tessa says nice to meet you too and she hopes her and your daughter can meet and be friends one day 🙂 absolutely Aiva! Its so important to share those experiences with kids and to create those memories. The logistics are a little more involved but completely worth it 🙂

  2. Tessa! It is so lovely to meet you! What adventures you have had! You have seen more of this world than even I have. Loved your post! I hope you get to have many many adventures in your life and that you see everything there possibly is. Please come back and share with us again! – Samantha

  3. Move over Meg, Tessa is taking over the blog 🙂
    Tessa, this is such an interesting post as you have visited so many places. Thanks for telling us your travelling story. Maggie

  4. Hi Tessa, I really enjoyed reading about you and your love of travel. I adore following along on your Mum’s blog and discovering where you have all been. Travelling is the best thing possible and I’m so happy that you are getting over to the Christmas Markets in Europe soon. Wishing you many more adventures. Best wishes, Marion

  5. Well done, Tessa. You’re a little blogger in the making . . . and a world-wide traveler in the making. You are so lucky to be going to the Christmas markets – you’re going to beat me to them! Safe travels and Merry Christmas. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  6. Excellent post Tessa! You have had so many wonderful adventures, with more to come. Tell your mama well done for taking you hiking when you were just a baby; you’re never too young to start. I hope you write another blog someday; you’re a very good writer!

  7. How lovely to meet Tessa and get to know her a bit. I know she has enjoyed a few of my posts and now I get to enjoy one of hers 😀
    Tessa, you have made a great start to your travelling life, thanks to your mother taking you to so many places! Do you have a favourite place, I wonder?

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this guest post, Tessa. Visiting nearly half of the states already is quite an achievement! And I’m proud to say that I have a few of those badges from the Junior Ranger program too!

  9. Hello Tessa, so glad you love to travel. Let me predict the future a bit. We took our daughter travelling much like your mom did, she is 31 now and still loves to travel. So my guess is that you will renew your passport many times. I do hope we hear from you again.

  10. Aw this made me emotional. Beautiful post. “I have no idea who Anne of Green Gables is, but that is who we went to see” – had me laughing, and I love the bond you have with your daughter and all the adventures you’ve been on. Tessa is a lucky little girl, and Meg you are a very lucky Mama <3

    • Thank you Hannah, I feel very lucky to be her mama and to share so many adventures with her. ♡When we went to PEI I bought a set of the Anne books, now Im just waiting for Tessa to be ready to read them with me. I cant wait to see the adventures you will share with your goddaughter too 🙂

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