Discovery Cove {Florida}

We spent the day at Discovery Cove- an all inclusive day resort that is part of the Seaworld group. It was amazing! We arrived early and got checked in for the day. There in the lobby we met Luis the sloth. His gentle head leaned into our hands so we could stroke his fur and his eyes would open and close slowly enjoying moment. Next was a buffet breakfast before making our way down the path to pick up our wet suits/vests and some snorkel gear.

We were ready for the water so we went to the Coral Reef with snorkel masks in hand. The area is full of brightly colored fish and beautiful stingrays gliding around. After that we did the SeaVenture where you are fitted with a diving helmet and get to walk along the bottom viewing the corals and fish up close and personal. {know if you go: the SeaVenture is not for everyone. The helmet is a little heavy and it blows air in keeping the water level down around your chin. Be sure you feel comfortable doing it before signing up for it because they will not reimburse you the experience if you decide against it.}

The next on the list was swimming with the dolphins and this was pure magic. You are broken up into small groups and a trainer will introduce you to the dolphin. You will get to use some basic commands and the dolphin will happily perform. Then the dolphin takes each person for a short swim through the water as you hold on to the fin. You can choose if you want to have your swim in shallow or deep water, depending on your preference. What beautiful creatures dolphins are!

The last thing we did was enjoy a few laps around the lazy river. They provide pool noodles to help you float along. The water goes around the lushious greenery with detours to see the otters or the birds. The lazy river goes from 2 feet then changes to 8 feet and back and forth. It was absolute relaxation. What an amazing day we had! I was glad that we brought our waterproof camera so we could get so many great pictures! And with one last trip to the snack bar to load up on some goodies, we left tired and happy and thrilled at having swam with dolphins.

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