Cape Canaveral {Florida}

Today was family day at Cape Canaveral, and since my hubby works there at the Cape we got to join him for an incredible venture around there to see things we normally couldn’t see. There were all kinds of groups there representing their area and giving demonstrations and information. But to actually get to stand and look at the rockets and boosters that have been used in the space program was incredible. All I could do was marvel at the couragous ingenutiy of all those who have worked to get us into space. I thought about the engineers building such a complex craft, the rooms of people who guide and direct it from the ground, and of course the people who are willing to leave behind their family and the Earth so they can touch the stars. While I was not alive when man first walked on the moon, I still was filled with awe and wonder looking at just how far the space program as come. We are at an exciting point in history as we celebrate 50 years since that first walk while also looking forward to what the space program will do in the years to come.

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