UFO Museum {New Mexico}

No matter your feelings about extraterrestrials and their existence, you can not go through Roswell without giving in to some degree to the alien encounter culture. It was here in Roswell in 1947 when something happened just outside of the city limits making everyone start to believe in the possibility of UFOs. The museum has recordings of people who were on patrol that night and some of the pictures and documents claiming that it was a UFO. The museum also gives a historical idea about ancient cultures who were thought to receive divine help in creating their civilization. And here you can find the world’s largest library dedicated to all things extraterrestrial. Let’s be honest though, there is also a lot of kitsch and Hollywood in the museum as well. But no matter where on the spectrum you are of believers that there is something out there, the UFO museum is an absolute must as you make your way through Roswell.

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