Redfish Lake {Idaho}

Okay, I’m a little hesitant to share this wonderful place with you… but this is my all time favorite place in the world. Tucked in the central part of Idaho is the beautifully majestic Sawtooth Mountains and part of that is Redfish Lake. My family has been coming to this lake every year for my entire life and for the majority of my mom’s entire life. This picturesque lake offers perfect serenity and adventure all in one. When we were kids, our trip to Redfish started with driving through the campsites and looking at when people were leaving. If we came across an open one, my brothers and I would hop out of the car and go and sit at the picnic table saving it for our family as they made another loop through back to the site. We spent hours swimming in the lake which gets its water from a local glacier. So the runny joke in my family was that the lake was warmer than it was the year before. We went to the visitor center every day and walked the nature trail and always enjoyed seeing what things the little general store had to offer. Things have changed over the years at Redfish, they have expanded the activities they offer and have updated a lot of the campsites. It was featured in a travel magazine a few years back and now the popularity has sky rocketed. Getting a reservation is now required and requires some real moxy with phone reservation receptionists. But what hasn’t changed is the peaceful reset and recharge that it gives. The nature trail is still a family favorite to walk along at least once a day and we still get in the lake every day…and maybe it is just a little bit warmer than it was last year.

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