Pão de Açúcar (‘Sugar Loaf Mountain’) {Brazil}

For the best views of all of Rio, make your way up to the top of “Sugar Loaf Mountain”. This peak is the highest peak, standing at 1,299 feet tall. The name comes from Brazil’s sugar cane industry. The sugar cane was placed in cone shaped clay containers called Sugar Loafs to be shipped all over the world. And the mountain has the same cone shape, so it started being refered to as Sugar Loaf. Visitors take a series of cable cars up up to the very top where they are rewarded with epic, panoramic views of all of Rio. The cable cars are spacious and smooth and every direction is a beautiful view. When you reach the top, you look out towards the ocean and then towards the Christ statue, you realize that this is the greatest spot to see all of this incredible city.

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