Rock Island State Park {Tennessee}

For our first state park here in Tennessee, we decided to go over to Rock Island State Park. Our first stop was to do the Eagle Trail. We decided on this trail because it was an easier trail and a short trail (since we are getting our bodies use to hiking again after a long absence of it). This was a great way to start the day. We loved working our way through the trees and across the bridge.

After our hike, we went down to the beach area of the park. This is probably the most popular area of the state park. The water is warm and calm and is the perfect setting for some outdoor activities. The bluff of high rock surrounding the peaceful water is so beautiful and makes you think that you have found a secret oasis. We played in the water and sat on the beach watching the kayaks and paddleboards pass us by.

This is a beautiful state park and I can’t wait till we can come back and explore more of the trails that are there. If you want to know more about Rock Island State Park, go to:

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