Overlook Trail- Warriors Path State Park {Tennessee}

On our way home from the weekend, we decided to make a quick stop at Warriors Path State Park for a short walk to break up the drive. This state park is smaller than some of the other parks that we have been to. The main draw is the access to the lake and the marina. Although when we saw the playground we thought it could be the greatest playground that we have seen and we were wishing Tessa were there to enjoy it. We made our way over to the Overlook Trail and we actually really enjoyed this trail. This is an easy trail that takes you around a loop that overlooks the lake and through the trees. The views of the water were so lovely! One thing to know if you go hiking in the late fall like this, is to take the trail a little slower. Because the ground is covered in leaves you can’t see the rocks, roots, or dips in the ground like you normally could and you don’t want to twist your ankle stepping wrong on something you can’t see. So take it a little slower and be sure of your step before you put your weight down on it. And taking it slower gives you a chance to really enjoy the views of the trail.

For more on this lesser known park and what it offers, go to:: https://tnstateparks.com/parks/warriors-path

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