Grotto Falls Trail- Smoky Mountain National Park {Tennessee}

On our last day in Gatlinburg, we got up really early and made our way into the park for a morning hike. Today we hiked to Grotto Falls and it was incredible. The hike itself is moderately easy. There were lots of log steps set into the mountain side to help make the trail easier to climb in all weather. But then you get to the falls and it takes your breath away. Surrounded by a cavern of rock, the waterfall carves out its own space. The trail is such that you can actually walk behind the waterfall- although it is a little slick so hang on to the rock wall next to you. I was glad that we got there so early because there were a lot of people on their way up as we were making our way down. Of the hikes we have taken this weekend, the hike to Grotto Falls was absolutely my favorite and I cannot wait to come back to Smoky Mountain National Park and discover more of its beautiful places.

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