Laural Falls Trail- Smoky Mountain National Park {Tennessee}

Our first day on our weekend adventure was spent in Smokey Mountain National Park. This is the only national park that does not require an entrance fee so it is easy for any and all to enjoy it whether they are hiking, camping, or just driving through.

We decided to make our way up to Laural Falls. The trail is easy and mostly paved all the way up. There are big rocks that line the path on one side, while the lush of the trees follow along the other side. And the leaves are just barely starting to change here and there which was really exciting. Then you reach the falls and they are so beautiful! There is a small bridge crossing in front of the falls which is perfect for pictures and a large rock that hangs over the falls. This is a perfect hike for families as it is not too difficult or long, but the reward at the end is absolutely wonderful. There is just no such thing as a bad day when you’re in the Smokey Mountains.

If you are planning to visit the Smokey Mountains and need some help finding trails to explore, then check out this trail map::

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