Yellowstone Bear World {Idaho}

If you drive north a short way from Idaho Falls, you will find one of the state’s greatest treasures. The Yellowstone Bear World is absolutely amazing and well worth the stop. Walking in you are first greeted by a large enclosure of bear cubs happily playing and eating together with no mind for the visitors. Next to the bear cubs is another petting zoo with other animals like goats and sheep.

But the real attraction to this place is seeing the grown bears. After you have purchased your tickets and explored around the bear cub area, you then return to your car and make your way around to the large area for an up close view of hundreds of black bears and grizzly bears. These bears are free range in this large drive thru park and they will walk right by your vehicle or cross the road at any time. It really is an amazing…and maybe a little unsettling…to be so close to so many bears. Yellowstone Bear World makes for a great stop along the way from Idaho Falls to West Yellowstone.

{Know if you go:: When you enter the bear area, you will be instructed to roll up your car windows and lock your doors. Even though these bears live at the park and are generally use to vehicles driving through-they are still wild animals and can cause great harm if provoked. Stay in your car, keep the windows up, and enjoy the experience of being so close to the bears.}

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