Old Faithful- Yellowstone National Park {Wyoming}

When people think of Yellowstone National Park, the first thought is about seeing the geyser of Old Faithful. Located in the southwest region of the park this geyser has been thrilling visitors since it’s discovery in 1870. This is also the most accessible part of the park that really caters to visitors of any age and ability level. And while there may be some debate about how faithful Old Faithful is, visitors are sure of seeing it erupt about 20 times in the course of a day. These eruptions last from about a minute to five minutes. The average height of each eruption can be between 100 and 180 feet high filling the air with Sulphur smelling delight. There is a great boardwalk that circles around this area offering visitors the full view of the geyser.

{Know if you go::Now, a word of warning…Every single time that I have been to Yellowstone I see visitors trying to get real close to one of the many buffalo for a picture and I cringe. Buffalo are incredible animals and seeing one is a great experience. But they are wild animals-just because they are in a national park does not make them tame or domesticated or approachable. Buffalo can run much faster than you may think, they are much more sturdy then you think, and they have been known to charge if feel threatened. Don’t be one of those people that get off the boardwalk or the road trying to get up close and personal with the buffalo because you want a picture. Instead, get a picture from where you are and then continue on your way. This may seem obvious, but based on the number of people I’ve seen doing just that is mind blowing.}

For more on Yellowstone National Park and Old Faithful, then go to:: https://www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/exploreoldfaithful.htm

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