Yellowstone National Park {Wyoming & Montana}

Ah, Yellowstone…Probably the most well known and most visited national park in the country and for good reason. Yellowstone is a fantastic mix of mountains, plains, waterfalls, geysers, and wildlife.

I have been fortunate enough to be to Yellowstone a number of times and I would say that my favorite area of the park is the very north part straddling Wyoming and Montana. I love the dynamic atmosphere and the up close look at the wildlife.

The very north point of Yellowstone holds the Roosevelt Arch as the marker into the park. It was under President Theodore Roosevelt that the National Park Service began and Yellowstone was the first of the parks to be declared a national park. The arch was built in 1903 and was dedicated to President Theodore Roosevelt who laid the cornerstone piece of the arch which held a time capsules within containing a bible, a picture of President Roosevelt, newspaper articles regarding the national parks, and other such items.

the Roosevelt Arch

Because of its immense size, Yellowstone is not something you can fully appreciate in one day, or even in one trip. It is somewhere that you must go back to again and again to fully grasp the incredible beauty of everything this parks hold.

Thanks for joining me today in Yellowstone! Have you ever visited this historic national park?

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