Nashville Zoo {Tennessee}

We made our way to Nashville to celebrate my daughter’s birthday at the zoo. Nashville Zoo is a fantastic place to visit. The home that they have created for the animals offers enough space and freedom in a well suited area much like their natural habitat. We loved getting to see animals that we’ve never seen before, and a few animals we had never even heard of before, and enjoyed seeing some animal favorites. The is a great flow through the different areas of the zoo as it takes you through the Asian highlands, Peruvian mountains, and the African savanna. We loved walking across the swinging rope bridge and being up close to the flamingos.

Because of Covid, there were definitely some changes at the zoo. Some of the interactive areas were closed such as the kangaroo walkabout and the jungle gym (which looked amazing!) and they have a more directed routed through the zoo and of course masks are required for everyone 13 and older. But despite all the changes made, the zoo is still a fantastic place to visit and to learn about the many animals they have there and it made for a perfect place to spend a day.

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