Edgar Evins State Park {Tennessee}

With the beautiful warm weather this weekend, we spent most of the time outside in our yard planting some trees and getting the ground ready for flowers. But after our yardwork, we needed a walk and decided on a visit to a new state park and made our way to Edgar Evins State Park. This state park is best known for their marina that is miles and miles long bring boaters of all sorts to enjoy the water. The marina has a restaurant to enjoy as well. We found a couple of short trails leading down to the water which were lovely.

One of the things we want to do is visit every state park in Tennessee. We have now been to 19 of the 56 of Tennessee’s state parks. And with the warmer weather coming on, hopefully we will be able to make our way to some more of them. Do you enjoy the state parks? Do you have a favorite one? Thanks for joining along with us today!

For more on Edgar Evins State Park, go to :: tnstateparks.com/parks/edgar-evins

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