Fremont Street-Las Vegas {Nevada}

Ah, Las Vegas…the make you and break you kind of town. Millions flock to Vegas every year for the amazing shows, the themed hotels, the gambling- all in the desert of Nevada. I’ve been to Vegas a handful of times but it is never somewhere that you’ll find me for long periods of time. It’s just not really my scene. When I go to Vegas I really enjoy the less expensive but still interesting side of sin city. I love wandering through the hotels to check out the theming. I love watching the fountain in front of The Bellagio. And really, the thing I enjoy the most is just sitting somewhere and watching the wide array of visitors-because you see all kinds on the strip. But the part of Vegas that I always make a point to do is going to Fremont Street- or the original Vegas Strip. A walk down Fremont Street will bring images of all the movies and shows you remember watching as a kid because for a long time this was the strip, this was Las Vegas. Nowadays the strip is much more of everything than it use to be. And Fremont Street has been updated into the modern day with a paneled ceiling that lights up and displays all kinds of images as you walk underneath it. There is a zip line that takes visitors for a thrill ride from one end of the old strip to the other. And if you make your way into the old Golden Nugget Hotel, you will find the world’s largest golden nugget that is roughly the size of an adult’s hand. This original strip is as much a part of what Las Vegas is as the newer, fancier part that we always think of. Fremont Street use to be the beginning and end of Las Vegas, a little strip of commercializing in the middle of nowhere. It has changed and grown in so many ways, but it never forgets it’s small beginnings here on Fremont Street.

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  1. I have been there a couple times when I was much younger than I am now. Vegas was quite fun even for my being young and a kid. I haven’t been since being of legal drinking and gambling age. I need to fix that someday! I would love to go see some shows, gamble a tiny bit, and just have fun.

    • I would love to see a show there! No one does shows like Vegas does for sure! I love to see how many gambing machines I can play on $20 or $30 dollars-the penny/nickel games are always my favorite with all the themes and music they have. 🙂

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