Fort Yargo State Park {Georgia}

Up until recently, I have driven through the state of Georgia many times over without ever really seeing anything past the freeway. But that has now changed. I have two friends from Utah who have moved to the Atlanta area and we decided to get together this last weekend. My other friend from Arizona even flew in to join us. We started our weekend away by visiting Fort Yargo State Park. This park is massive and incredibly beautiful everywhere you look. With multiple trails to explore, a sandy beach to play at, cabins and yurts to stay in, and kayaks and paddleboards to enjoy- this park could easily make for a wonderful vacation spot.

We wandered down a path near the visitor center towards the dock. There were so many big yellow butterflies flitting here and there, and we were so excited to see one up close on the path as it sat there drying his wings in the sun. Then we made our way to another corner of the park where they have a large sandy beach on the water’s edge. They have set up a designated swimming area for children that wasn’t very deep. All the while kayaks and canoes make peaceful paths through the water. We explored some more of the trails and enjoyed a picnic there by the water.

This state park is so idyllic and is definitely one that I would love to come back to again and again. For more info on this state park, check out ::

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