Fort Mountain State Park {Georgia}

This last weekend we met up with my friend and her family for a visit to Fort Mountain State Park. We picked this park because it was a pretty close midpoint between her home near Atlanta and our home near Murfreesboro. We drove up the winding roads of the mountain with incredible views through the trees of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We decided on a shorter walk around the lake where kids, dogs, and grown ups could easily walk then followed up the walk with a picnic. The day was a little gloomy with rain clouds above us. But because of that, there was mist coming off from the lake which gave the whole place an otherworldly feel to it. But because of the looming rain, we stayed pretty close and didn’t really explore the many trails that this park offers. We are already planning another meet up here so we can see more of the beautiful mountains.

A view from the top of the park (photo::

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    • Thanks Marion. We were lucky that it didn’t start raining until we were packing up to leave. It did make for a beautiful walk. Have a great rest of your day 🙂

  1. This looks gorgeous, even on a somewhat gloomy day. It’s another regret of mine that I didn’t get to do some hiking in and around Tennessee/Georgia. That last shot is an absolute peach and it’s always lovely to see how much dogs love exploring the outdoors.

    • This is a great area for hiking because the rolling hills are beautiful and also not as strenuous of a climb. I hope you make it back to Tennessee/Georgia and get to see some of the trails. My dog Scout is so fun to watch as he runs and then stops to explore the smell of a leaf or stick and then runs back to check on us. I always wonder how much more of a place he understands from smelling.

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