Wall Drugstore {South Dakota}

I was driving south from Rapid City towards Badlands National Park and I kept passing signs for Wall Drug. After the first few I thought I would kept count of how many signs I passed, but quickly gave up when I realized that there were many miles to go and lots of space for lots of signs. I am not exaggerating at all when I tell you there were hundreds of these signs spotting the landscape- all with different themes, colors, enticements, and invitations to stop by. I had no idea what Wall Drug was but because of their very colorful (not to mention persistent) advertising I was determined that I had to stop there and see what all the signs were about. And I was so glad that I did. This place is amazing!!! It is an entire block of connected businesses all under one roof. There are shops to explore and restaurants to eat at. They even have a travelers chapel in the middle of the building offering a peaceful respite from a long drive. But what made it really fun was all the photo op spots and interactive play areas that they have set up. It was a great place for families to enjoy some time together. This place is so expansive that they give you a map so you make sure to find all the fun nooks all over the building. If you find yourself in the Badlands of South Dakota, Wall Drug is an absolute must. You will never be so happy that you gave into the curiosity driven by hundreds of signs along the road.

For more on Wall Drug, go to :: walldrug.com/

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