One Year In Tennessee

It’s so hard to believe that we’ve now been in Tennessee for one year. When we moved from Florida up here, the craziness of Covid was in full swing which made the moving process more difficult than we expected. And then we arrived, excited to be in Tennessee, but immediately crestfallen at our apartment that we would be living in. Our apartment was small and run down and none of the appliances worked very well. We rarely spent time there beyond sleeping. We were all starting news jobs and a new preschool on the same day. But when we arrived at Tessa’s preschool the building was locked with a sign on the door saying they were closed that day. She ended up going with me to my first day at my new job. But everyone was working from home because of Covid so it was all closed down. My boss met me at the door and gave me a binder of things to read at home while she worked on getting someone there to help me get set up to start work. After three days of the preschool being closed with no notice but a sign on the door, we had to find a new preschool for Tessa that would be a better fit for what we needed. We started looking in earnest for a house to make our home. A month later we found the house. It was being built so we would have to wait for a few more months before we could sign the papers and move in. We love our house and have been working on fixing up our yard and making the space a reflection of who we are. Our first few months in Tennessee were a struggle for us as we were navigating finding what we needed in a new place while working under the restrictions of Covid. But now we find that we love being here and we love all the experiences that being here has given us. Tennessee has been a good place for us as a family and has given us the opportunity to get back to the outdoor activities that we love and has put us closer to family and friends that live in nearby states. Among all the favorite state places that we wanted to see, we also wanted to visit all of the state parks. We have seen about half of the state parks at this point and are making plans to see the rest of them. Here is some of our favorite places we have discovered here in Tennessee…

Along with the many places that we’ve seen in Tennessee, we’ve also been able to venture to some nearby states because of their proximity to Tennessee. We have explored Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, Missouri, Virginia, and Georgia-all of which are within driving distance from our house.

Tennessee has been a great place for us and we have loved discovering so many new places. There is still so much more of this state that we want to experience. I feel very grateful for our time here all the adventures it has given us. I am also very grateful to you, dear reader, for following along on these adventures and sharing your time and thoughts with me. So cheers to one year here and another for what lies ahead.

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  1. Cheers to your first year in Tennessee, and for pulling through despite all the misadventures of those first days. The collection of photos gives me a sense of what a great place to explore Tennessee is and what a great year you’ve had.

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