Kennedy Space Center {Florida}

A day at Kennedy Space Center is a must if traveling to Florida. What an incredible testament to human tenacity, dedication, and courage. From the Rocket Garden, to the tribute to legends and hereos of the space age, and the Mars Rover- everywhere you look is inspiring at what people have done.

The crowning piece of the Space Center is getting to see the space shuttle Atlantis up close and personal. This shuttle was the first reuseable, sustainable shuttle created. Atlantis served for 25 years, making 4,648 orbits around the in Earth in 32 different missions. Being so close to it, imaging what all the people who called it home, was humbling and inspiring.

{Know if you go:: Kennedy Space Center is absolutely a day trip…meaning it may be all day because there is so much to see so plan accordingly. They do some additional awesome experiences including a bus tour of Cape Canaveral, lunch with an astronaut, and an astronaut in training for a more in depth look of the Space program. If you are interested in doing these be sure to check times and availability and book them in advance.}

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