Festival of the Holidays- Epcot {Florida}

Holiday time at Epcot is the best place to be. Wandering through the world showcase and learning about how different cultures celebrate that time of year. From Christmas, to Hanukkah, to New Years, and the Eve of the Epiphany in January- the festival celebrates all the different things people do during this time of year. Storytellers tell about traditions in their countries, music and food bring a small taste of holidays from around the world, and there are things to enjoy for any age.

In the Norway pavilion we learned about the mischievous barn Santa that likes to play festive tricks on people.

In the China pavilion we brought in good fortune with a traditional dragon dance and red lanterns hanging in the trees.

Germany brought us the musical feast of festive folk music.

While eating our pastrami on rye sandwich, we listened about Hannukah and what it means to Jewish people.

In the Japan pavilion we listened to the beat of the drums and learned about the many ways to bring good luck into the new year.

Pere Noel told us the traditions of the children in France and of course we had to try some of the delicious pastries of the season.

In Italy La Befana told how she followed after the wise men searching for the child in the manger and leaving gifts for children along the way.

And with a cup of Christmas tea in hand, we listened to Father Christmas talk about carols and how they add to the season.

What I loved about the festival is how it really celebrated the beauty of this time of year. No matter what we each celebrate or how we celebrate or if we celebrate at all-this is a time of peace and goodwill to all and coming together in that spirit is what makes this season so special. Epcot is a wonderful way to celebrate this time of year and to learn how others celebrate too.

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