The Atriums of Gaylord Opryland Hotel {Tennessee}

If you were looking to stay in Nashville’s premiere hotel, then you would find yourself at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. This stunning hotel is an experience in itself. Finding ourselves with some time to kill, we decided on a walk through their hotels multiple atriums and were happy to see that we had caught it with the last of their holiday decorations still adorning the space.

the central Christmas tree

The Gaylord Opryland was originally built in 1977 to accommodate the fans of the Grand Ole’ Opry. At one point there was even an amusement park next to the famed music hall. The amusement park closed to make way for the Opry Mills shopping center. With the ever growing popularity of the Opry, the hotel kept up a steady stream of expansions until it became the masterpiece it is today.

We started our walk in the main, central area of the hotel named the Delta Atrium. This atrium is a cajun themed area complete with wrought iron railings on the buildings of shops and restaurants.

The entire area is full of a lush array of trees, flowers, and plants that follow along the waterway. Boat tours are available, and during the holidays visitors can look out for the festive touches all along the way.

taking a boat tour through the atrium

But the glass ceiling of the atriums is truly a stunning piece of architecture. At night during the holidays the ceilings are covered in lights. THinking about it made me feel a little sad that we had come during the day and missed seeing the lights in all their glory.

the center of the Delta Atrium

Next we went to the Garden Conservatory atrium. The glass ceiling was hung with larger than life musical ornaments. Along the path was the Christmas tree trail where visitors could enter a raffle to win a trip to see a favorite country artist perform. Each tree was styled to represent the artist and their specific concert info.

And as a tribute to the Opry and to the season, they featured a banjo playing snowman ready to take his place in country music.

the country music snowman

Our last walk was through the Cascades atrium which was my favorite. This atrium is peaceful and far less busy than the others are. And ture to the name, there are multiple waterfalls around giving ambiance to the restaurants there.

If you come to the Gaylord Opryland for Christmas, there are a lot of activities for everyone to enjoy. You could easily spend an entire day or two just taking part in all the activities. Maybe one of these years we will come back and live large here for Christmas and do all the things. But at least for this trip, we were pretty content to take a walk after the holiday crowds but still get to festive feel of this beautiful hotel.

If nothing else, I would love to stay here to watch the sun rise or set through the beautiful glass ceiling of the hotel. And to have one of the rooms with a balcony overlooking the atrium would be incredible.

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Thanks for joining me today on a walk through the atriums of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Wishing you all the best in this coming year!

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    1. Maybe if you had one of the many balcony rooms that overlook the atrium the cost would match the view. I think especially at sunset that atrium must be really something beautiful.

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