Bledsoe Creek State Park {Tennessee}

This weekend’s hiking adventure was to the beautiful Bledsoe Creek State Park. There are a number of small easy trails around the park. All the trails feed into one main loop around the park which allows you to choose a path and the distance you want to take it. Because all of the trails are connected, it is easy to find a loop that is perfect for you. We decided to do the entire loop around the park and it was perfect for us. The trail is easy, with gentle inclines here and there, and beautiful diversity of things to see. We started at the visitor center and made our way through the greenery, crossing over covered bridges, until we made it to the top where there we were met with vast meadows full of flowers and small walls made of stone. On our way back down the trail met up with the part of the park that is on the water of the creek which added the wonderful sound of waves on the shore as we walked. The trail follows along the creek, past the boating dock, past the campsites, and ends at the playground. We were about to make our way back to the car when we noticed a sign for a storybook trail so of course we had to go and check it out. Along a half mile loop of paved trail there are a number of enlarged pages of a storybook. We loved running from one page to the next so we could read the story. We read ‘Miss Maple’s Seeds’ and the setting in the trees was a perfect backdrop to the story. Between the easiness of the trails, the many activities available for different interests, and the storybook trail- we think this is a pretty wonderful park.

{Know if you go: Because all of the trails make up this inter-connective web of paths you want to make sure you grab a trail map from the visitor center so that you can find the trail and distance that will work the best for you. We got a little turned around a few times and had to look at the map to make sure we were on the trail we wanted.}

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