Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment {Alabama}

The Lowe Mill is what happens when a city takes an old factory building and instead of tearing it down changes it into an incredible place of beauty and talent. This massive building is home to artists of all kinds, housing studios and performance centers and teaching spaces for anyone who wants to come. It was amazing wandering through the hallways, looking into the hundreds of different studios of the artists. From modern artwork, to costume design, photography, puppet makers, jewelry design, vintage arcade games, woodworking, and the list goes on and on. Some of the studios offer classes teaching their trade. A lot of the artists are there on site and have hours that you can come in and talk with them and look at what they are making. Some studios sell their wares while others are there to simply to share their passion. Tessa was thrilled to discover a kitten adoption office where kittens needing a good home wandered around the space. I really loved the stained glass studio and the beautiful things they created. Brad wanted to go and learn some woodworking skills from one of the artists. And all of us spent a joyful time on the giant swings inside the building. With so much to see and experience, this could easily take a good part of the day to really appreciate.

On the door of the building there is a sign that parents bringing their children that it is the responsibility of the parent for the art that children are exposed to. Art is a personal expression of the artist and sometimes that may clash with a parents’ view for what they want their children to experience. For me as a parent, I think it is important to let children experience and be exposed to such a variety of ideas and expressions. It allows a space for discussions together as we form new ideas and perspectives and encourages understanding. But most importantly, it sparks their own creativity to see such a diverse of talents and passions.

What I really loved about Lowe Mill was the community they have created. With so many different artists, all coming together to share what they love, and in doing so becoming part of this wonderful tribute to the arts was inspiring. I can’t wait to come back to Huntsville and explore some more about this incredible place.

For more on the Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, go to:: https://lowemill.art/

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